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What is Mailer on Fire?

MOF is a Viral Mailer, a safe way of sending double opt-in e-mails to home business prospects who have agreed to receive commercial solicitations. It works on an exchange basis where each member joining agrees to read e-mails from other members to gain credits in order to send e-mails about their own business interests.

Mailer On Fire will have thousands of hungry home business owners waiting for your emails!

Because we don't sell complicated memberships we can push more traffic than other mailers and that means more active members and more results for your offers. This in turn also results in more credit packs and solo ad buys generating red hot commission.

Free Members Receive
  • Mail 2X Every Day
  • 15 Credits Per Click
  • 8 Second Timer
  • 100 Free Credits, Banners, and Text a Month.
  • 25% Cash Commissions on Credit Packs
  • Schedule mailings 3 days in advance.
  • 2 tier credit matches from Your downline.


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Income Disclaimer

This program is not in any manner a get-rich-quick program, nor do we make claims of certain levels of income based on the promotion of this advertising system or using its tools. We can not make you rich, and while some members may earn a healthy profit on their hard work and longevity with Mailer On Fire, most members will earn only a supplemental income or may even earn no income at all as a direct result of the affiliate program for our advertising services.

Refund Policy

This business sells Advertising Services that are considered consumed upon the start of delivery. No results can be guaranteed from the purchased services as no advertising company in the world will be able to offer such a guarantee. Be advised we do not offer refunds on any advertising or membership purchase.

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