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What is Mailer on Fire?

MOF is a Viral Mailer, a safe way of sending double opt-in e-mails to home business prospects who have agreed to receive commercial solicitations. It works on an exchange basis where each member joining agrees to read e-mails from other members to gain credits in order to send e-mails about their own business interest.

Mailer On Fire will have thousands of hungry home business owners waiting for your mails but unlike other mailers, you won't receive thousands of e-mails a day in return. In fact, Free members receive the most e-mails at under 150 a day and Gold members option to receive just 50 emails a day.

Mailer On Fire offers Paid Member perks like bigger commissions, more mails in return for fewer clicks, mailing credits every month, and the most important feature of all. Gold members get a full refund of any Un-Opened e-mails they sent after a 7 day grace period. Silver members get half their Unused credits back for unclicked links.

That means more real traffic for you and plenty of incentive for your referrals to upgrade to Silver or Gold memberships.

Free Members Receive
  • Mail Every Day
  • Mail Your Downline For Free
  • 5 Credits Per Click
  • 20 Second Timer
  • 200 Free Credits, Banners, Text a Month.
  • 10% Commissions
  • Schedule mailings 1 day in advance.
  • 2 tier credit matches from downline.

***A Chance to Win The Bitcoin Blank Check Referral Contest***

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What exactly is Bitcoin Blank Check and How does it work?

The BitCoin Blank Check referral contest is one more way we aim to make your Home Business journey more profitable. While no advertising program online will profess to make you rich, nor should any business opportunity. We will tell you that when you choose to promote Mailer On Fire and the Bitcoin Blank Check Contest we will reward you based on your membership level with up to 50% direct commissions on Upgraded memberships and credit packages sold inside.

In addition, if you are one of the top 10 sellers of these offers each month you will get an extra 10% commission on all sales you made.

If you recruit heavy and make $10,000 in commissions for the month you would get an extra $1000 plus any contest prizes that are added for that month.

How Realistic is it to reach these levels?

Well, members here will stay upgraded longer because of the membership perks and the chance of being a Bitcoin Blank Check winner. If you sell $2500 in memberships a month for 4 months straight you could easily be looking at $10,000 a month in sales in less than 6 months.

Will it happen? It depends on a lot of things out of our control like how hard you work if you use paid or free advertising, if you have a loyal social media, blog, or e-mail following, and more but every member has the potential to reach these numbers and higher. But by law, I must let you know that those with lower work ethics and skills, with smaller followings, and beginners may need more time to see a good return on their efforts. Work hard, be smart, and write your own figure on our Bitcoin Blank Check with your name on it.


Mailer On Fire Bitcoin Blank Check Referral Contest



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Income Disclaimer

This program is not in any manner a get rich quick program, nor do we make claims of certain levels of income based on the promotion of this advertising system or using its tools. We can not make you rich, and while some members may earn a healthy profit on their hard work and longevity with Mailer On Fire, most members will earn only a supplemental income or may even earn no income at all as a direct result of the affiliate program for our advertising services.

Refund Policy

This business sells Advertising Services that are considered consumed upon the start of delivery. No results can be guaranteed from the purchased services as no advertising company in the world will be able to offer such a guarantee. Be advised we do not offer refunds on any advertising or membership purchase.

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